Unilever, Neutral

The task was to develop a consistent and more appealing premiun design, that was more beauty oriented. The redesign had to be trustworthy, easy to decode in terms of platforms and functional. The new design has a simple and clean look, whilst still being in keeping of what "Neutral" as a brand stands for. The design gives a clear indication that this product does not contain any bad things and is therefore extremely trustworthy. The whiteness of the design is also a strength and radiates cleanness and allergy friendly. This will also make the product stand out from its other competitors, who tend to over do the packaging with unnecessary information, pictures and illustrations. These distractions only confuse customers and can risk that the product ends up giving a mixed message …. Where this design gives a clear one. I have also chosen to give each platform a different colour, making the products extremely easy to decode and therefor consumer friendly. 




Graphic Designer