Kenya Airways

For my bachelor project I chose to create a new visual identity for "Kenya Airways". My purpose was that I wanted to open the world's eyes to the amazing opportunities and experiences Kenya has to offer. I also wanted to create a strong visual identity that connects the Kenyan culture / history to the airline, making "Kenya Airways" a proud visual representative for Kenya and the Kenyan culture. Choosing to brand the airline with elements form the Kenyan culture also makes the visual identity unique and therefore able to stand out amongst other airlines and competitors. 

The visual identity has its roots in 5 facts i came across when researching Kenya and its culture.

  • Greetings in Africa "I see you"
  • More abstract and expressive shapes
  • Raw, handmade, references to wildlife, nature & culture
  • Roots of Spiritualism
  • National colour is orange

These facts were important for me to integrate in the new visual identity. 


School of Visual Communication


Bachelor Project